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When we ascended the steep and winding road to an altitude of over 600m, we could only be stunned. The Banjška plateau is a world unto itself. The highest part of the plateau is 1071m above sea level. The high karst plateau has no running water, but is full of caves and abysses and various karst phenomena. Along the beautiful and well-maintained road that winds between pastures and forests, we can see cows and other animals lounging leisurely, enjoying the unspoiled nature. When we meet the horses grazing in the vast pastures, time actually stops. And that's what we need when we go on a well-deserved vacation.


The Banjška plateau or marginal Dinarska plateau, which lies in the west of Slovenia between the Čepovanska valley, the lower reaches of the Idrijca river, the Soča river, the Soča bridge and Nova Gorica. Banjšice is about half an hour away from the Adriatic Sea. Banjšice is a place in the heart of the Banjška plateau, which consists of as many as 16 hamlets, namely: Lohke, Bucki, Humarji, Ošlakarji, Rob, Luže, Mrcinje, Draga, Podgrič, Trušnje, Podlešče, Raven, Breg, Krvavec, Kuščarji, Mokrini.

But so that the holiday doesn't just become laziness and enjoying local delicacies, lovers of exercise can indulge in the following activities: HORSE RIDING, CYCLING, HIKING, ADRENALINE RIDE ON ATV VEHICLES...

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